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  • John Shima - The Empty Lands (Firescope)
    par /u/TheSlowMusicMovement le 29 novembre 2022 à 11 h 29 min

    With dance music innovations only coming from Africa for the last ten years, the West has become increasingly retro-maniacal, but when it sounds as good as John Shima's 90s indebted emotive techno for the Firescope flame keepers that's OK with me - it was a fine time to be young & high. The Detroit revolution was inching across the world one print magazine article & wide eyed ravers' word of mouth tale at a time, just as the sound of bleeps leapt over the Sheffield hills on a similar mission to soundtrack the last great youth culture movement. Quick teaser clip: If you need more emotive, ethereal electronic house vibes then head over to the Ambient House Playlist: submitted by […]

  • My new mix is out, hope you'll enjoy
    par /u/LawfulnessRelative94 le 29 novembre 2022 à 10 h 43 min submitted by /u/LawfulnessRelative94 [link] [comments]

  • N'to 1825
    par /u/Fisherman-Correct le 29 novembre 2022 à 7 h 47 min

    This track just takes me elsewhere, mentally and physically, no drugs needed...... submitted by /u/Fisherman-Correct [link] [comments]

  • Chemars - Everyday
    par /u/Chemars_DPV le 29 novembre 2022 à 7 h 09 min

    submitted by /u/Chemars_DPV [link] [comments]

  • Da Lukas - Music Turns Me On (Edit)
    par /u/Chemars_DPV le 29 novembre 2022 à 6 h 58 min

    submitted by /u/Chemars_DPV [link] [comments]



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